Simulations for DLT designers and operators

Distributed ledger technology systems (DLTs) offer powerful and flexible solutions for an increasing range of applications. However, they are complex systems whose behaviour is hard to predict and that have a large design space. Thus, DLT architecture design is difficult: it either lacks data, or it requires expensive and time-consuming pilot studies. And it usually covers only a fraction of the available design space. Agreement Solutions’ high fidelity, high-throughput simulations alleviate this pain, by providing detailed performance data for a wide range of design options and usage scenarios prior to development or release.

  • What consensus algorithm should I use?

Our mission is to make the development and operations of DLTs predictable. Therefore, we develop environments to simulate and test systems based on DLT. We support our clients with quantitative analyses of complex DLT systems during the whole software life cycle.

Use cases


Safely test new technologies without investing millions up front.


Find the optimal solution, given your business requirements and constraints.


Determine behaviour of various possible distributed ledger systems.


Analyse deployment changes or code revisions with regard to safety, availability and performance