We are a team of scientific nerds, blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and most of the time the roles are clearly attributed.

From left to right:
Colin Glass is an accomplished academic — his scientific work has been cited over 3000 times. He is an interdisciplinary expert in simulation, systems design and analysis. Furthermore, he is a sci-fi afficionado and believes in a future of seamless digital interoperability.

Peter Stein is an experienced entrepreneur, specialising in business development of high-tech start-ups. The companies he has co-founded have eight-digit annual sales and employ over 100 people.

Marius Poke received his PhD in designing high-performance consensus algorithms and initially conceived the simulation engine to evaluate the consensus algorithms AllConcur/AllConcur+, which he designed together with Colin.

Our story:
All 3 of us have deep roots in technology. Marius did his Bsc in Bucharest, his Msc in Aachen and his PhD in Hamburg under Colin’s supervision. Colin’s background is computational science (one of the most rapid PhDs completed at ETH Zurich) and high-performance computing (Stuttgart). Thinking a lot about Bitcoin and Blockchains, Marius and Colin got excited about distributed agreement and designed new, highly scalable consensus algorithms [1,2]. As a private side-project, Marius started developing a simulation environment to test their algorithms, which was breaking the ground for Agreement Solutions.

Colin and Peter know each other since 20 years and went through the quest of building a tower crane out of paper in their first week of study at ETH (with underwhelming results). They studied, learned, partied and lived together before Colin went on to Stuttgart and Peter started building high-tech businesses. Peter co-founded sol-E Suisse AG (renewable energies, today part of BKW-FMB), greenTEG AG (sensor company located in Rümlang, Switzerland), and Ava AG (digital health company located in the US and Switzerland).

In 2019, the 3 started discussing commercializing the simulation environment. After preparative Skype calls, Colin and Peter met during a trip in Indonesia. As the waves were “bad” aka both of them not capable of making use of them, they had long discussions about the potential of a blockchain simulator. It needed several evenings and cases of Bintang to make Peter a firm believer in the potential of this idea, and together with Marius they drafted a plan.

For 2020 we were awarded with a grant from the German ministry of economy (Exist). We kicked off the project in an intense strategy weekend in Hamburg and are since then further developing our simulation environment and building network within the enterprise DLT space.

[1] M. Poke, T. Hoefler and C.W. Glass. AllConcur: Leaderless Concurrent Atomic Broadcast. In Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC), pages 205-218, 2017
[2] M. Poke and C.W. Glass. A Dual Digraph Approach for Leaderless Atomic Broadcast. In Proceedings of the 38th International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS), 2019

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