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How it Works
Designing blockchain architecture is hard: an informed design process requires high-quality data. Agreement Solutions’ high-fidelity, high-throughput data collection framework makes such data readily accessible at any stage of your project, covering a wide range of design options and usage scenarios. The system specification covers multiple layers, which can be individually parametrised to accurately model a broad range of blockchain projects.
System Specification
Multi-Layered Model
Define scaling scenarios with number of organisations, orderers and nodes.
Peak load
Model common or critical load scenarios.
Understand how the system will behave if specific servers fail.
Network degradation
Improve risk management by analysing critical network events.
Smart contract
Specify the set of contracts that define the business model governing the transactions on the distributed ledger.
Specify the logic of the client application that defines the workload (i.e., a set of timestamped transactions to be sent to the distributed ledger).
Specify the transaction types (e.g., queries and updates) and parametrise them (e.g., size).
Enterprise Blockchain Platform
Choose between different blockchain platforms, such as Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum and Corda
Consensus algorithm
Understand how different consensus algorithms, such as Raft and PBFT, change the system’s behavior.
Governance model
Decide on the structure of the consortium (i.e., the participants and their roles within the blockchain).
Cloud provider
Chose on which cloud providers (e.g., AWS, Google, Azure) the system will run on.
Geographical spread
Define or test for different geographical distributions.
Specify the type of CPUs (e.g., frequency, cores) on each host.
Interconnect network
Specify the properties of the network connecting the hosts (e.g., topology, bandwidth, latency)
Fine tune the communication protocol (e.g., choose the TCP window size).
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